Initialization vectors: May 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Hello World"

Hi and thanks for stumbling into my blog. Here I will focus on Information Security, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) topics. Hopefully the upcoming content will be useful or at least amusing.

DFIR is a fast moving field and to be current you have to not only learn from others but also try and humbly give back. This is my first effort at doing so online. I hope to hear/share some ideas on:

1) Workflow management. Work smarter not harder. Are there any procedures that take too many steps that you wish took less?

I look to identify workflow issues like those and make them better. Same with with scale. Can a procedure be developed that applies to multiple pieces of evidence or artifacts? If so, lets hear it!

2) Presentation skills. I use Prezi to teach introductory networking and cyber topics. Will share some of those here. What does it take to be a good presenter on tech topics beyond the slides?

3) Programming. What are the most useful programming/scripting languages used for DFIR?

4) Learning. The best way of learning something is to explain it to someone else. Will try to do so here as well.