Initialization vectors: June 2020

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

DFIR Python Study Group Syllabus

Interested in learning Python? Here's the syllabus from our DFIR Python Study Group course. Follow along by getting the book, doing the homework, and watching the YouTube videos.

Note: Assignments listed below indicate what to complete before class; make sure that you are signed in to Discord in order to access the exercises via the links

Textbook: Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide, 2nd edition


Class 0 on 05/21/2020
  • Ch. 1 pp. 1-19 until “What We Already Know”

Class 1 on 05/26/2020
  • Ch. 1 pp. 20-46 until “Chapter 1’s Code”

Class 2 on 05/28/2020
  • Ch. 2 pp. 47-55 until “Creating Lists Literally”

Class 3 on 06/02/2020
  • Ch. 2 pp. 56-94 until “Chapter 2’s Code, 2 of 2” / blank page

Class 4 on 06/04/2020
  • build.prop
    • Open and read file using a for loop
    • Use if and elif to select interesting items in the file
    • Select the values to the right of = using start, stop, step, or split()
    • Write the extracted data to a text file

Class 5 on 06/09/2020
  • Ch. 3 pp. 95-121 until “Test Drive”
    • Note: p. 98 is outdated and new info can be found here

Class 6 on 06/11/2020
  • Ch. 3 pp. 122-144 until “Chapter 3’s Code, 2 of 2”
  • discord.json
    • Pull the chats (content key) and user identifiers

Class 7 on 06/16/2020
  • Ch. 4 pp. 145-169 until “Test Drive”

Class 8 on 06/18/2020

Class 9 on 06/23/2020
  • Create a script that does the following
    • Calls a function that selects timestamp, partner_jid, and body from the messagesTable in the Kik database; prints them to screen; and calls a function to generate a text file report
    • Calls a function that extracts the timestamp, author, and content from the Discord JSON file; prints them to screen; and calls a function to generate a text file report

Class 10 on 06/25/2020
  • No homework / study hall

Class 11 on 06/30/2020
  • No homework / study hall

Class 12 on 07/02/2020
  • Research information online about argparse
  • Research information online about dunders for name and main
  • Make a script that takes two arguments and prints them to screen