Sunday, January 5, 2020

iLEAPP latest updates for 01/05/2020

iLEAPP download:

The iOS Logs, Events, And Properties Parser has been updated by adding the following iOS 12 & 13 artifacts:

  • KnowledgeC
    • Application Usage
    • Application in Focus
    • Application Activity
    • Battery Level
    • Applications Installed
    • Device Locked
    • Plugged In
  • Call History
  • SMS
    • SMS Chat
    • SMS Read
    • SMS Delivered
  • Safari History
  • Query Predictions
  • Powerlog
    • Mobile Backups
    • WIFI Properties
    • Paired Device Configuration
  • Proper report URL pathing. The iLEAPP report can be copied/moved to any directory and the HTML reports work as expected.
  • Added a "temp" directory at the root of the report folder that contains a copy of the data sources used by the scripts. The temp folder is created on .tar and .zip processing reports only.
Any errors encountered during usage or request to support additional artifacts please report via Twitter @AlexisBrignoni and/or email 4n6[at]abrignoni[dot]com.