Thursday, January 9, 2020

iLEAPP latest updates for 01/09/2020

iLEAPP download:

The iOS Logs, Events, And Properties Parser has been updated by adding the following artifacts:
  • Photos.sqlite
    • Metadata about media files to include deletion timestamps.
    • Thanks to Heather Mahalik for the query.
  • Medialibrary.sqlite
    • Multimedia file list and metadata.
  • Accounts3.sqlite
    • System accounts.
  • Zliveusage & zliveprocess data.
  • Device screen auto lock history.
  • Unicode support for artifact reports.
    • Thanks to @xbrookego for testing and helping debug
  • Error handling for databases that lack tables.
  • Alternating report background row color for readability.
Any errors encountered during usage or request to support additional artifacts please report via Twitter @AlexisBrignoni and/or email 4n6[at]abrignoni[dot]com.