Sunday, October 14, 2018

Github repository for SQL queries used in digital forensics

As I started to share some of the queries I use in my analysis of different apps I noticed how much screen space these take in a blog post. If the analysis requires more than one query or one query that joins many tables with many relevant fields the whole thing is pretty much unreadable when written as part of the regular text of a post. To solve this I made the following repo:

The idea is to house those SQL queries by platform and application. The readme of these queries will have an accompanying explanation on usage or a link to a blog post that does as such.  This has the benefit of making it easier to update the queries without having to go back and find the original blog post. It is also easier to search for a particular query per application.

When I write a blog post I just have a link to the proper location in the repo where the reader can go and look at the query. Github is awesome cause it does reserved words highlighting on its own. Super easy to read and no more query clutter in the post.

Only mobile apps for now.

If anyone wants to contribute some of their queries please do so. If anyone knows of a more widely known way of sharing DFIR related SQL queries please let me know. Be it in my repo or somewhere else the idea is to make these queries available and have them be easy to search and maintain.

As always I can be reached on twitter @alexisbrignoni and email 4n6[at]abrignoni[dot]com.