Initialization vectors: Update to Android Discord app "missing" values

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Update to Android Discord app "missing" values

On 8/16/17 I posted a brief explanation on how to decode the last value in a line of chat text from the Discord app for Android.

Today I had an email exchange with Patrick Mooney on why the app might behave the way it does.
I believe what is actually happening is that Discord is not translating the character set but rather is setting the most significant bit on these fields to annotate that it is the end of the field. In the data I've looked at the last characters are 'translated' up a constant value of 0x80 which is actually a simple setting of that most significant 8-bit value. ASCII doesnt use that most significant bit so it makes it a natural delimiter that also does not require the use of additional characters or storing field lengths & counting characters.

Good stuff. As more folks encounter Discord in their case work I am having the pleasure of hearing from them. Most times I give additional background regarding my posts on the topic but in this case I learned something new which I get to share. Thanks Patrick!

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